Beyond production based on quality, and not only the attraction of low-cost savoir-faire, Brazil offers a real source of creativity

< Whatever its degree of modernity, Brazilian bags design retains a strong, artisanal character. Coloured leather, exotic skins, and textiles cut into strips and worked into complex weaves, evoking the country’s status as a melting pot.

The passion down of expertise, the respect for nature and the support for communities in need all make up an integral part of the creative process. They are the governing principles and the permanent state of mind that Brazilian entrepreneurs adopt. Material plays an essential role in stimulating creation, to the point that certain tanners with artistic souls have become “heart-throbs” for the majority   of shoes labels manufacturing in Brazil.

The association ABILCALDOS, created   in April 1983, defends the interests of 8000 businesses specialized in handbags manufacturing, spread across 14 states. Their headquarters is situated in the city of Novo Hamburgo, an historic site for the bags industry since the 19th century.<


  • 3rd largest bags and shoes producer in the world, 10th biggest exporter of bags and shoes
  • Over 100 countries worldwide import Brazilian bags (at the top: USA, Argentina, France, Bolivia)
  • 8000 Brazilian businesses are specialized in bags manufacturing, with 342,000 direct employees
  • With 100 million bags bought, Brazil is the 4th largest consumer of bags worldwide