Delsey has come a long way from the company where Messieurs Delahaye and Seynhaeve made leather protective cases. Seventy years later, Delsey went from being family-owned to being owned by an investment fund. However, it has stayed faithful to its basic principles: design, innovation, and the French touch. And now? “This is a time to remember,” Cathérine de Bleeker, Global Marketing Director.

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What do you want to celebrate on the 70th anniversary?

Catherine de Bleeker: First of all, we want to thank our distributors and celebrate Delsey’s growing success together. It’s thank to them that the brand has been able to grow and earn such a strong reputation. We also wanted to celebrate this event through our products, which will allow our resellers to reap the commercial benefits.

Can you tell us more about up-coming designs?

We would like to promote the values we have maintained through the years – the design and innovation – all while looking toward the future. And so rather than digging through our archives, we decided to revisit our current best sellers. Our Parisian designers have met the challenge and will be releasing three capsule collections in 2016. The first, inspired by Helium Air and available in three colors will be released in April; the second, based on the Châtelet design in the blue-white-red of the French flag is planned for spring; and the last, Belfort, will be recreated in black and red for fall. Specific visuals will accompany these launches for communication throughout the year with consumers, as well as the media, journalists, and bloggers.

What is your focus for communications?

Many consumers still think that we are Americans because the name Delsey sounds English, even when we emphasize our Parisian locations, as a reference to our origins. This includes the French. They just know that our brands is old, that is inspires confidence, and is such a classic “gray-haired lady.” As for to remind them of our roots and our values, and the fact that even now, after all these decades, we are still working in concert with the essentials.

For your first visual anniversary, lets talk about you…

Everything is a surprise! The selection of a mature woman, naturally distinguished – as a reference to the Parisian and Delsey’s 70 years – perched on the rooftops of the capital and wearing a very futuristic outfit. This image represents us perfectly: the elegance and the look towards the future, in other words, design and innovation.

Where will you be?

We are active worldwide on social networks and our internet site is already draped in the colors for our 70 years. A press release will be sent to the media to announce the availability of each capsule collection, a limited time that will not be extended. Window display and POS kits will replay this information near our points of sale.

What is the schedule of festivities?

There are many events planned for this upcoming May and June in Paris, but it is too early to share more specifics. Until then, we are organizing a friendly gathering with makers of leather goods at the pavilion in Armenonville, the weekend of 23 and 24 January, to present our new products.

Are you afraid that news events are affecting tourism and travel?

Just after the Paris attacks, some sectors saw an immediate shutdown, but everything has returned to normal very quickly and dramatically. Activity in the months of December and January made up for the slowdown and in the end, these events will have little economic impact. All the market studies predict an increase in air travel between 3.5 and 5% over the next five years. There are no clouds on the horizon for us!