Have an Eastpak bag for repairs? You’ve come across the right page!

As you probably know Eastpak items are all guaranteed for a period of 30 years! Yes, you read it! Thirty years during which your Eastpak bag is taken care of if you encounter a problem. In addition to being constantly renewed in terms of colors and patterns, Eastpak bags have the particularity of being taken care of for repair for a particularly long time.

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Where can I send my Eastpak bag under warranty?

For any repair of your bag, you simply pack it in a package and attach the EASTPAK REPAIR FORM completed and to put your postal address (for the return of the bag directly to your home!) And finally send it to Eastpak:


Tel: 04 93 01 33 07
 Fax: 09 63 46 40 56

Naturally for this guarantee to be used, there are rules of good use to respect. These conditions are sine qua none of the application of this long warranty period of your bag. They do not cover damage caused by normal use and degradation resulting from the use of your bag. The Cordura fabric is very resistant but not unbreakable or tearable, so it is up to you to take a minimum care of your bag so that it can have a longer life!

The Eastpak warranty includes:

  • Zip
  • Sewing, handles and back pack straps
  • Wheels


Damage resulting from abuse (such as tears, cuts and holes in the fabric) and aesthetic damage (for example, stained or scratched fabrics) are not included in the warranty.

For the duration of the Eastpak Warranty, damage and / or defects resulting from normal wear and tear (such as defective zippers, damaged straps, peeling or discoloration) will not be covered.

Damage caused by airlines companies (damage caused by air pressure, cuts, tears, holes in the fabric, damage to the wheels, handles or other equipment in the bag) are taken into account according to the damaged parts indicated in the questions as shown below.

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Any questions you may have about the Eastpak warranty!

Do you need a receipt for your warranty?

It is not mandatory but ideally, this receipt will prove that you are the person who bought the bag and that you are in the times of the guarantee. If you are in possession of your purchase ticket, please make a copy and attach it with the return form.

Are all Eastpak products guaranteed for 30 years?

No, we invite you to pay attention to this point. Most items are but some limited edition collection models are only guaranteed for a term that can vary between 1 year and 5 years.

Does the warranty support zippers?

Yes! The zippers are included in the warranty. To do this, indicate the exact location of the zipper to be repaired or changed on the return form.

How long does the repair take?

Depending on the time of year and the complexity of repair, the repair time is between 7 and 15 days.

Where can I find the return form?

The return form, to be attached to your bag for repair, can be downloaded below:


Are postal charges covered under the warranty?

The sending is the responsibility of the customer and the return is taken care of by Eastpak. For each sending, please keep tracking number of your package to be sure of its routing.

Can I ask for the refund of my defective bag?

Under no circumstances Eastpak Guarantee allow you to claim a refund of the amount of your bag in case of defective or damaged product. Whether it is from your reseller or from Eastpak, no demand will result to the refund of the purchased product.

Does the guarantee cover the contents of my bag?

Indirect damages such as damage or loss of bag contents or other expenses will not be compensated.