Great question if you take the time to think a little! In fact, behind this simple question, you have many other topics, such as how you manage things and worry about your financial situation. But here we will look at the practical side, the purse you will use and for what occasion!

Do you often use coins?

If this is the case, we strongly recommend that you take a purse dedicated to taking change and some tickets such as the “horseshoe” model. Certainly a little bulky but ideal to take a maximum of parts, it is also very convenient to choose its parts in the multitude of pieces that you will have. For more feminine models, we recommend you turn to a purse that closes with a cord or zipper to carry all your currency.




If you do regular shopping, it must necessarily contain a space to store money. It will be ideal to store tickets and possibly two or three bank cards. Similarly if you often go to the market, you will have to take a suitable wallet to take a lot of currencies that will be quickly exchangeable.

If you want to take a more complete model, we suggest the back-to-back wallet that will allow you to take more stuff. It is a purse with the currency on one side and the banknotes and some cards eventually on the other.


Similarly, you can have several wallets that will allow you to separate the coins and bills on one side and the cards and paper on the other.



What are the evolutions of the purse?

We see it well on a daily basis and for some time, physical currencies such as banknotes and coins tend to become increasingly scarce. Indeed, the blue cards are the means of payment that one uses the most. It is obviously not to buy his baguette with his bank card but you have seen since this decade an evolution of the various means of payment.

After then having properly reflected on this issue, you will therefore make several choices which will be important may be in your way of managing your money. Nevertheless with the development of the use of the bank card to pay all our purchases, it is a safe bet that you will end up with less and less money. If this is the case, go directly to a card holder. You will find them of all sizes with models that can contain 2 cards up to more than fifty!


We see it well, there is no single answer and this will depend on your needs but especially your consumption habits….


Which purse to use at events?


If you are going to a particular wedding or occasion, you probably will not have the opportunity to have a big bag on you and thus not have too much room for a big purse. In this case, we advise you either a small purse or a small wallet to take on that the minimum necessary.

For those who wish to have everything on their own and do not miss anything, you can orientate yourself to the all-in-one companion which is very handy to store all your little things in one accessory.

Whether you put it in your purse or in a woman’s wallet, it will take a place to shelter not to damage your clothes on one hand but especially that it does not drag too much in your hands otherwise you Increase the risk of misplacing it.


Where will you put it?

Pant pant or coat, its place should be the one that best suits your habits. It is therefore its shape and size that you will seek for it to be the most appropriate. This is a very important point because it also does not have to deform your pockets too much and be too heavy in your pockets of coats.

Regarding color, you will find all possible colors. Nevertheless, beware of too bright colors. You will certainly handle your wallet every day which will dirty it very quickly if you do not take care of the hygiene of your hands.

As you have just seen, your wallet is much more like you think. It must serve you above all to deal with your consumption habits certainly but it is nonetheless the guardian of your money. Moreover, if you have several wallets, it will be wise to take different sizes so that they are the most practical to you at every moment of your agenda.