Issue very obvious at first but important as we will see. Indeed, what you can take with you in sport depends on a lot of factors, especially your sport and where you practice it. A sports bag is a real sports companion that will give you even more fun for the sport and make you an expert. Your bag will have to fit your sport and not the other way around. It will be a question of finding the best gauge that can suit your activity.


What size for a sports bag?


For the size, take a rather large bag, you will have quite a lot to transport to be sure not to miss anything. Indeed if you do football or ski, not only the shape of the bag will not be the same but also the size. To store all your sports accessories, you will need a bag that can cope with the need to carry loads anyway quite heavy. This will give you the advantage of storing at your ease and using all the space it has.

To shape your bag this one will depend a lot on your sport. Most of the time, the sports bag will look like a small travel bag with pockets on the sides. It can be rectangular or round, it will depend on what you put on it and simply your style. You can also simply take a simple backpack, a large size preferably, to carry more easily.

Take an easy-to-carry bag

What you can take with you in the gym can be to wear it, take in one with handles rather wide and strong, and possibly with a sturdy shoulder strap so that you can wear it with your hands totally free. Straps are very important not to exhaust you even more after the sport or just save your strength to the maximum before a competition or a tournament.

A little advice, take the synthetic one so that it is easily washable possibly to the washing machine. Leather is therefore to be avoided because it will be much too fragile for many situations. Nevertheless if you do a sport like riding or polo, a leather sports bag will only be more classy to match the saddle of your horse. Also, to prevent you from getting dirty too quickly, take in one that is equipped with small pimples on the bottom of the bag.

The sports bags such as Adidas or Puma are suitable for sports but not necessarily for all sports. It will be up to you to make the choice between a sports bag and a sports bag …


What do I have to take in my sports bag?

All this will depend enormously on the sport you will be practicing. However overall, you will still need to take a good list of things essential to get you back in shape to the fullest.

In your ideal sports bag you will have to put away the various towels, your sports outfit, put on your spare business, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, beauty products, a bottle of water and other energy drinks In a solid shaker). As your sports coach or doctor will tell you, sport is an intense activity that leads to a strong thirst. For this, a bottle of water or a drink for comfort will be essential to put in your bag.

Where do you practice your sport?

It will also depend a lot on where you practice it. Whether in the gym, outdoors, in town, in the mountains, in the countryside, at sea or elsewhere, your bag will have to be adapted to all situations. If you practice several different sports, we strongly recommend you take several bags, this you to mix in business and habits.

What are intelligent storage spaces?

Sports bags are rarely compartmentalized inside. Nevertheless you will certainly have two pockets where you can put away a few things: personal business such as your cell phone. A small zipper to store your wallet or a card holder to store your sports card. If you go to the gym, you will sometimes need a lock code preference, so you do not have to keep the keys on yourself.

For the more farsighted, you can add a small first aid kit in case you are doing a risky sport. Essentials such as a dressing box, painkillers and possibly other protective creams.

The importance of a well-compartmentalized bag

To finish your sports day, you will have to put your sports shoes in a separate plastic bag in order not to spread dirt and bad odors in the bag. Take sandals to eventually not get your feet wet if you are in locker rooms in common.

If you do sports with a ball, the bag can be a little bigger. A soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, rugby … Even if you do a sport of racquet like tennis, golf or squash, your bag will be necessarily a little more elongated. You have to guess that a bag for table tennis will be practically identical to that of a person who practices boxing. Afterwards if you do swimming no form of bag is essential but it must be simply waterproof.

You will understand, the size of your bag will depend heavily on your sporting activity. So you have to choose this one so that it is like a sports coach and you bring everything you need to rest and to spend. The content as the container will be decisive for your sport to put you in good shape every time and on every occasion.