femme sur un vélo

To answer this vast question, it is a question of identifying the person to whom you are going to offer a bag a little better. Because you are about to answer a great question that has no fixed and precise answers. We will not teach you anything by saying that every woman is different and therefore you will have as many answers as possible to this question. Nevertheless we will guide you to find as many criteria that will guide you in your search for handbag. To do this, ask yourself these few questions that will guide you to what will be the model that it seeks.

How is your woman used to carrying a bag?


This question is paramount as it determines the shape of bag you will choose. Indeed, whether the bag is worn by hand, shoulder or shoulder, the shape of your woman’s bag will not be the same. You will have to orientate yourself towards a specific type of bag that corresponds to its habits and style. Many parameters are taken into account when one wishes to make the offering of the most valuable accessory of a woman.


Choosing a beautiful bag is a no-brainer!


But beyond meeting obvious aesthetic criteria, the bag will have to meet much more “everyday” habits like how to wear it. If she takes the transport to the common, she will inevitably need to have a shoulder bag that closes well.

On the other hand, take a nice model of handbag if you see that it has the ease to carry it easily by the hand during its displacements: it is all the same more chic!


What are her favorite brands?

All women have a selection of brands that they love. You must take this criterion into account in order to best meet your expectations. For many women, branded bags are more than just a fashion accessory: it is THE accessory to show and show. You have every interest in knowing a minimum of his preferences to go as close as possible to his tastes. Here again you will have the choice among many brands such as Cerruti, Thierry Mugler, Victoria Casal, Lancel, Le Tanneur, etc., to satisfy the greatest number of women.

A branded bag is above all a guarantee of quality and design more worked. Daring to ask her openly the question to know her affinities, they will not hesitate to tell you the stylists they prefer the most. This is sometimes the determining criterion between two models of the same form but not scratched by the same sign.

For what occasion does she want to carry a bag?

Are you looking for a woman bag that goes with everything? For a particular season? A specific moment? A specific use? All these questions are important to make the best choice of the bag that one will choose. Whether to go to work or weekend, you will find bags that will vary in sizes and materials. You will have the choice in the model that will suit her needs because it is above all to put all things indispensable to a woman like the purse, mobile phone, a small kit of makeup, a key holder, a package Handkerchief and certainly other essential things.

A bag for every moment of the day

You then understand that each bag has its moment and that every moment has its bag. This is how you can find evening pockets like large handbag bags more convenient to carry large amounts of business.

What color should the woman’s bag be?

Again, you’ll need to know if it’s a summer or winter bag you’re looking for. The color tones will obviously not be the same. For the winter period, darker colors will be preferred with a preference for black, brown or even red depending on the outfits you intend to wear with. For hot seasons, you will naturally have to turn to beige, cream or taupe. These colors will be the most trendy during this time of year. You will most certainly have a great desire to wear colors that will match with your bag and your shoes. In general, look at these habits of style and taste in terms of dress, this will give you a lot of guidance on the models to which you will opt.

As you have understood, there is no right or wrong answer in all cases. Your choice will certainly be the right one but it will have, as we have just seen, come within a certain framework that corresponds to your recipient. To find inspiration, do not hesitate to look at what she already wears as a bag and her various clothes. It is very important that you agree with his style and personality otherwise you will disappoint the person.