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You are on the right page to make your bag last! Because it is about taking care of your bag so that it can serve you a longer distance. And to answer you simply, it will depend on several very simple factors like the material, the age of your bag and the price of it. The better a bag is, the better it is to maintain and preserve it so that you can use it on many future occasions.


What care should be taken according to what material?


My bag is made in leather

It is the material par excellence of the handbag and you must use for this a toning cream that protects the leather. Let us not forget that leather is a living material and that you must pay special attention to its appearance. Take a quality cream! This is strongly advised to actually protect your bag. You most certainly possess skin care creams for shoe leather: these can be used on leather bags if you are certain of the quality of your cream. Indeed, leather for shoes are generally stiffer than leather bags and are not as absorbent.



Similarly, the granulated leathers are as fragile as the smooth leathers as regards the strength of the bag. Nevertheless smooth leathers will scratch more easily, you will need to bring extra care so that it does not move. Leather is therefore a noble material, solid if taken care of, but also fragile if you do not make good use of it.

If you do not want to use your leather bag for a long time, put it in a pocket to cover it completely and place it in a place away from moisture, heat and too strong lights. So do not use simple plastic bags to protect it, it will eventually stick to your bag and therefore damage it more than protect it.


My bag is made in canvas

Material that is used mainly to make bags practical and light to wear, canvas bags have the advantage of being able to wash very easily. You can machine it if you can, but be careful: you have to put it alone in the machine. Indeed, clothes and other textiles risk rubbing on the bag if you mix the colors. Overall, canvas bags are relatively strong enough to be machine washed but not necessarily for rinsing and spinning. It is up to you to put it to free drying so that it can be the least damaged possible.



My bag is made of synthetic material

In this case, take a look at the label inside the bag. Here you will find some maintenance tips. Indeed, each synthetic material is singular if you want to maintain it. Generally, a simple rag with a little soap can do the trick but you can also sometimes plunge it into the water to wash it thoroughly. Remember also that the friction must be done delicately and that you will have to dry it quickly.


Your bag deserves your attention regularly

Of course, the age of your bag is very important. It should be remembered that it is possible to maintain a leather bag only if it has been regularly treated. You will not be able to bring back to life a leather that has already aged and that no longer takes the tanning it received during its manufacture.

For leather bags that move a lot, do not hesitate to take the cream in a small pocket of the bag. It will allow you to apply it more regularly. Because do not forget, it is better to do it regularly than once in a year. Naturally this will depend on the frequency of use of your bag but it is before a minimum if you want to keep your bag in good condition.

Take care of your bag at what it cost you

We are only a simple reminder but it is essential that you keep in mind the approximate price of your bag. Indeed there is no need to spend too much time trying hard to take care of a bag if this one is not worth it! Better then change the bag and go to a brand new bag. The time, effort and cost of maintenance are also parameters to take into account if you want to fully calculate the amount of maintenance.

You will understand, it depends on several parameters that must allow you to make your bag last as long as possible. All these indications are obviously added to the care of your bag, that is to say the general attention required to keep a leather bag in good condition. Take notes of advice in your bag wardrobe or near your shoes to take good habits. In the long run, this will certainly save you a significant amount of money and time. But above all, you may one day have the pleasure of being able to transmit your bag to your daughter!