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You feel that your departure day is fast approaching and that you are about to make your travel kit. The list can be long if you go at the last minute but with a little organization and habit, the challenge should be able to rise without too much fatigue. Naturally the capacity of your toiletry kit will not be the same according to each destination and your personal needs but overall you will have to take an indispensable set. Here are some recommendations to make the best of your stay.

Which models of kits can I find?

Buying a travel kit is not the most complicated thing but you have to keep in mind your multiple ways of traveling. Indeed, the shape of your travel kit will vary because your way of storing it once there will not be the same. Similarly, you will find kits of various materials such as synthetic or also leather.

The internal layout of your toilet kit is very important to store your products as well as to make it easy to use afterwards. You will not be able to take everything so make a wise choice between what you have to take and what you can find once there.

Choose your model of toilet kit

You will probably guess, different models of toilet kits exist and you will have to make a choice according to your needs and your travel habits. Here are the two main types of kits you will find.

Classic toiletry kit

The classic toilet kit with an opening on the top allows you to put all your travel necessities in one place. It will then be up to you to arrange in order so that there is not soon a disorder. You will find this model easily but it is not ideal if you want to put everything together. Very widespread and a little tote, it can be synthetic or leather for the most chic. However, leather toiletry kits should make you more vigilant because they fear water more easily than canvas ones for example.


Toilet bag to hang

If you often stay at the hotel or in Airbnb, we recommend taking a toilet bag that can hang on to a bar. This is a very handy model when you want to have quick access to all your products without even looking for them. They usually open with a zip or snap button and you just have to unwrap it. This type of model which unfolds becomes more and more common because of its real functional advantages. You will be able to store things in small kits or pockets, which saves you a lot of time. They are also often equipped with a small mirror which will save you much hassle.


For the type of kit, this will depend very much on the type of sanitary installation you will have on site and your habits of use of your care products.

What to put in his toilet bag?

Take the contents of a toilet kit according to the length of your trip. No need to take with you your whole range of care products, you might overload yourself unnecessarily.

Whether you are a man or a woman, your ideal toilet kit will necessarily contain several things essential to your hygiene during your travels. Essential for storing all its basic care products such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, cream, deodorant, hairbrush, razor etc. Your toilet bag should not be confused with the make-up kit.

Indeed if you are a woman you will undoubtedly have more products to take in your kit. Notably a make-up kit that you can take apart to not mix the hygiene and beauty products.


Use small samples to avoid unnecessary loading

For intimate hygiene products and make-up removing lotions, take small containers to avoid overloading. Also, do not forget to take a few cotton buds and cleansing wipes. Same for perfumes, if you have samples it’s time to use them! You can find at your perfumer small sprays that are perfect to be transported without risk of breakage and quantities should amply suffice for your trip. Also for oils, use small containers. You’ll understand, all small sizes will be perfect for a travel kit.

For a space saving, you will definitely make a 2-in-1 with your makeup kit. All pencils, brushes, lipstick, mascaras, bottom of teins will be ideal in a pocket next to the main pockets. You will be able to find some kits with a compartment reserved for this number.


A manicure kit can also often be part of your trip. To deal quickly with an emergency situation facing a broken nail. Thus we will see in more detail, in a next article, this very important point for some of you.


A few general reminders about air travel

Air travel is more restrictive than ever: be careful if you take your toilet bag in your cabin luggage as some products will not be allowed on board. In addition, you must respect the maximum capacity allowed to not exceed. If this item interests you, we invite you to read our tips to prepare your luggage cabin for a plane trip.

We hope that these tips will help you better prepare your travel kit and make the right choice of bag type. Do not forget that if you have made a list of what you need to take, your toilet kit must be able to close with a zipper: do not be too greedy. Naturally if you go to a destination where the products of care do not miss, do not hesitate to top up on the spot to travel in lightness!