It is an interrogation that we have all asked ourselves at least once in our existence. Indeed, you will most certainly have noticed the strengthening of safety standards that have ensured greater confidence in air transport. But on the other hand, things to take into account before flying a plane only get longer if we consider the increase in the terrorist threat in recent years.

Despite the threat of attacks and the increase in security measures, the number of air travel continues to grow to make a trip possible to the other side of the world in less than 24 hours. The strengthening of controls at airports has become such that we must now be vigilant in the goods we take with us on our journeys. It will therefore be necessary to ensure beforehand that the objects that we want to embark are well authorized or they will simply be confiscated during your passage of the checks at the airport.

To facilitate this, we will see some precautions essential to take into account at the moment according to the type of luggage. It is this last point that will determine what you can take or not.

What restrictions do I have on my hand luggage?

The hand luggage or trolley cabin is the most controlled and the most restrictive in terms of capacity. You can carry it anywhere you want but it can only contain a list of authorized products. Or otherwise, you will not be able to take everything with you.

We’ll start with the obvious ones like liquid gels and other aerosols. The products of hygiene, beauty, make-up based on water but also all liquid and pasty elements such as toothpastes of more than 100 ml.
Similarly, more or less liquid foods should be avoided. Canned cans are naturally to be banished for any journey by airplane under penalty of seeing not only to impose you an additional control but also to lose immediately your delicious foods in question.

Batteries outside of their packaging are also prohibited in the luggage you take on board the aircraft, so be sure to store them in your large suitcase. This is a crucial point if you are going to a distant country with different electrical standards, you may not be able to use your electronic devices at all.



Can I take everything in my cabin luggage?

Not to mention, with hand luggage, it is a question of paying as much attention to what you take, as it will be just as much controlled when passing customs and other borders. Consider all that has just been cited for hand luggage.

You have, in addition to all this, need to pay attention to the weight of your suitcase. In no case will it exceed 15kg or you will pay a fine per extra kilogram, or you will be completely refused the boat of your luggage. The size is very important since it must absolutely not exceed the maximum size allowed 55 cm high, 35 cm wide and 25 cm thick and this pockets, wheels and handles included.

We will see all this more in depth in a next article exclusively dedicated to this type of luggage very practical in air transport.

What can I take in my suitcase?

The suitcases in the cabin are subject to extremely thorough checks, but once in the hold, your baggage will not be subject to any particular limitations with regard to the liquids mentioned above. For example, can you take a drill in your carry-on baggage? Well the answer is yes! You can take objects and DIY machines but only in your luggage that you put in the hold of the aircraft. Just like any other work tool, you can board them safely. Be careful not to exceed the restrictions in terms of weight and sizes.

With this extreme, you will have understood that everything can be taken in your luggage within the limits naturally of the freedoms allowed. Products such as alcohol and cigarettes are also allowed if these are reserved for your personal consumption.


Pay attention to all liquid products

All liquid containers that are larger than 100 ml will be totally prohibited in your hand luggage. Be sure to shop accordingly and orient yourself to smaller, easier to carry packages. Also be careful to take resistant packagings because they will be strained on your movements. This way you will avoid spilling your shampoos or other shower gels on your clothes in the suitcase.

Another more general travel advice: if you wish to make an extra distinction when leaving your luggage on the airport carpets, we recommend you to dress your suitcase with a luggage cover. This one is very practical to protect your suitcase but also to better distinguish your by far.

We see it every day, traveling by plane has never been so affordable and easy, but the precautions to watch out have never been so draconian as today. These few tips will definitely help you if you are in the process of preparing your suitcase and will probably remove you some hassle in advance.