écoliers et sacs à dos

The backpack is the indispensable accessory for the classes. It will accompany you everywhere during your studies and will give you all the ease to put away your school business. It is useful for storing your sports business if you are an athlete. The choice of a backpack is not insignificant and should be carefully chosen to suit all your daily needs and habits.

Thoroughly establish selection criteria


For the school, the backpack must meet criteria above all robustness but also sizes (minimum size A4 size). It is the fashion accessory par excellence of young people and will reflect his personality during his studies. Let us lose more time and go around the backpacks you will need during each school stage.

What backpack wear for the primary?

It is a very short time to carry a backpack because in primary school these are school backpacks that are generally more adapted to the needs of the little ones. Very often, the binder will be more comfortable to wear if you buy a matching castor model. Indeed, at this age the backs are fragile and it is important to protect it by using a binder with wheels of quality.

Choose a bag with solid wheels

This last point being very important, it is the part most damaged during the repairs of bag of child. Nevertheless, in CM1 or CM2, it is not uncommon to meet children who wish to have a backpack to stand out from the smallest. It is time to turn to models of backpack with wheels that will be more suitable for your child.



Which backpack to choose for college?

The college is an intense period of your academic career and for that you will have to transport many textbooks indispensable to all subjects. For this we recommend you take a sturdy backpack that can easily carry up to ten kilos or even more. This will also depend on your status, whether you eat at the canteen or not at noon for example and the number of subjects during the day. You can then swap your business lunch at home to not take too many books, which will allow you to take less weight and not ruin your back!

Change bag to go to college

No more wheeled models that will be too much associated with primary school children. It is about taking your teens to arms and carrying on your back all the notebooks and other books of different subjects. And for all this, we recommend you take a model of backpack with padded shoulder straps such as Tann’s models for example. This is very important to mitigate the heavy weight of your daily business.


Which backpack select for high school?

High school time is relatively lighter for the back than the previous period. You will certainly carry more binders and you will have timetables a little less loaded. On the other hand, your backpack must be very solid. You will ideally take care of it and try to stand out by the color of it. Like most high school students, you will most likely be tempted by an Eastpak backpack from the Padded collection that will be the benchmark of this stage of your curriculum. You have many other very nice models in the American brand and especially other models of sizes that will leave you more comfort to put away your belongings.


Which backpack to take for college?

The backpack will be with the bag bag, the two types of bags that you are likely to encounter most often. You will no longer have so many books to wear but especially notes to take during your classes. Portable pcs are increasingly used during classes and you will necessarily need to protect it.

Some models of backpacks come with adequate space to store a laptop and cables. The university is a time when the women’s bag is very often a fashion accessory. Most of the time, you will have the choice from a selection of trendy designer that will give you a unique and studious look at once.


You will have understood, to answer precisely this question, it will depend on your stage in studies and your habits. Before choosing your backpack from a practical point of view, remember that it is also the most important fashion accessory of your school course and that it will distinguish you from your comrades. For this, there are a multitude of backpack brands and you will be spoiled for choice of colors and sizes. The fashion of the children is very important for their good development and it will strongly impact their tastes and choices in their future professional life. Would not the beginning of a good school year begin with the choice of a good bag?