Your beach bag is first and foremost a place to stow all your beach stuff, but there’s bound to be a lot of other things you’re going to take away. The excursions to the sea are conducive to relaxation and to have fun. You can guess it in advance, the bags of beaches are often quite voluminous so let’s see what would be the ideal beach bag to sunbathe by the sea or a swimming pool.

What are the important points of a beach bag?


Ideally a large carry bag with compartments inside so you can store everything you will need at the beach. To wear it we recommend large large handles to easily carry it to the beach.

When you are at the beach you will have, if you like to read, want to take out a book or magazines to relax. It is in this capacity that you will need a dedicated storage space and dry in your bag. Ideally a pocket on the side so that it is not next to the clothes.

A little snack in your beach bag

After “effort” comfort! Do not forget that your perfect beach bag must contain some treats or cereal bars to regain strength quickly. To be sure not to eat them crumb, it should be stored in a pocket of your bag. Regarding the material, it should be made of canvas or a synthetic material. Indeed, these materials are lightweight and perfect for contact with sand and most certainly water.

Under no circumstances should it be in leather or in a fragile material facing the sun’s rays. Ideally it should include a separation to store all the most essential things such as your laptop, your wallet, your keys, a package of handkerchief, a possible music player and headphones. If this is not the case, we recommend that you put all this in a separate pouch.

Do not forget the best things you’ll need at the beach in your bag.

In your bag ideal for the beach, it will necessarily have to contain a towel, your swimsuit and possibly a dress or a small waistcoat if the weather were to spoil.

To protect yourself to the maximum, you may need to put in your bag either a hat or a cap. Indeed, in addition to taking sunglasses, remember that the ideal beach bag should also protect your head.

Like when you prepare your clothes for a suitcase, you can use the Japanese way of folding your clothes. That is to make them roll so that they take the appearance of a cloth. The advantage is that it allows you to save space and especially not to wrinkle your outfits.

So, you will certainly have to take with you to quench your thirst during all this afternoon in the sun. As you will see, your beach bag will be relatively loaded, so a bottle of water or a gourd will be enough to not overweight your bag.


Use pockets to simplify your life

Moment of relaxation par excellence, tanning on the beach. Once swimming in the sun, nothing more relaxing than a good tanning session that will allow you to recharge all your batteries. Your doctor will tell you better than we do, but the use of a cream or a spray will not be luxury.

To protect all your cosmetics, we recommend that you store all this in a separate pouch. Ideally the one used to store your makeup will be ample.

So you can store together your tanning cream, your hand cream, your deodorant, your comb, your pocket mirror … in short all the things you will need for this summer.

For the more anticipative, a first-aid kit will be ideal to have the assurance to spend a moment 100% relaxation.

It’s better not to mix everything in one pouch because you may not be able to find it. Do not forget that for these first two points, it is important to use isothermal pouches.

If you have jewelry with you, we recommend that you take a small jewelry box that looks like a wiping cloth. You will be able to deposit there all the minimum that you will have to put.

A plastic bag to keep your things wet is very important.

Finally, take a plastic bag or hermetic pouch to put your swimsuit and towel wet when you change. This is essential for not putting a mini flood in your beach bag.

We have deliberately treated the practical aspect of your beach bag as we will treat all the aesthetic side in another article to come.

What is the best beach bag according to your needs?

In the end, your perfect beach bag should have a fairly large size ideally because, as we have seen, the multitude of things you will take with you will inevitably result in a bag filled to bursting. Nevertheless it will be necessary that this one closes with zipper so that you can at least not tempt the prying eyes. Lightweight, large, supple and compartmentalized will therefore be the key words for your perfect beach bag.